October Meeting

10-10-2019 chorus meeting

Reviewed officers and their positions:

Karie Dunn-Golden – President

Valeria Kubiak – Treasurer

Christine Brown – Secretary
Arin Lewis – Fundraising

Julia Marple Layton– Public Relations

In need of Bunny Breakfast coordinators

Chorus Fund Raisers: Andy’s  Chocolate Candy parents/ students pay 30 per box.  Of that $30 $15 will go into the students account.

In December we will be sell pepperoni rolls for $2 a piece.  Of that $2 $1 will go into the students account.

Homecoming carnival was a success and the students all worked well together.  We made $370.00.  Each student that worked the carnival received $8 in their account.  $10 from the carnival went into the general fund.

Spring Trip: The spring trip is scheduled for February.  Working on finalizing the exact date.  We should leave the school at 1pm .  We are going to use a school bus for transportation.  We are going to go to a break out room, then eat at the Hard Rock, and then we will see the musical Lil Shop of Horrors.  We will have t-shirt made for the spring trip.  The cost of the trip minus the tickets for the Lil Shop of Horrors is about $80.00.

Veterans Day Concert: The concert will take place in the gym.  Cadenza chorus should wear black and white.  The concert should start about 9 am or 10 am

We need
Need logo design for team shirts

Need logo design for Spring Trip shirts.

**December 12 winter concert 6 – 12 parents sell backstage messages for students.

December ? field trip to local retirement home and court house then to lunch at South Hills Village.


2019 Kickoff (Preliminary Meeting Minutes)

*Tentative minutes, to be updated by email from Mrs. KippHa

The CVCPSA met on September 12, 2019 with Mrs. Kipp, 3 officers, 7 adults and 10 students in attendance.

Adult Officers for this year are:

  • President: Karie Dunn Golden
  • Treasurer: Valerie Kbiak
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Ann Lewis
  • Secretary: TBA
  • Social Media and PR: Julia Layton

Student Officers

  • Halbaeib – Select President
  • Mayadam – Select Vice-president
  • Bednarchuck – artist
  • Novak – Cadenza President

Old Business

  • New York City trip last year was briefly discussed. Picture CDs are available. Please contact Mrs. Kipp for details.
  • Chocolate sales can begin, and will work the same as years past. Each box is $30 up front, with $15 of that going to the individual student accounts and $15 to pay for the chocolate. The money recouped from sales can be used to buy the next box etc. Payments by check only please. Send payments in a sealed envelope for drop box in Mrs. Kipp’s room.
  • Donut sales will return on Fridays

Current Projects

  • We need adult volunteers for CVCPSA secretary, Homecoming carnival booth and holiday concert concession/backstage message table.
  • We are preparing for the Homecoming carnival booth on September 25, from 3 to 6pm. Adults are needed to cover 1 hour shifts, 3-4, 4-5, and 5-6. If you cover the last shift, please bring booth supplies and setup materials to the chorus room at the end. Henna practice and preparation for the Homecoming carnival will be next Thursday, September 19.

Upcoming events

  • Fall Holiday field trip: TBA
  • Holiday concert December 12, includes 6th – 12th grade. Adult volunteers are needed 5:30 to 7:15 for concession and backstage messages table
  • We need adult volunteers for Soundwaves to set up, collect donations at the door and provide food donations. Details to follow. Admission will be a pay-what-you-want donation. Recipient tba.
  • Next year is a big trip year. Students may start selling chocolate now to put toward the trip (individual account balance rolls over year to year) This year will be local activities in lieu of a trip, escape room, dinner etc being considered.
  • We need adult volunteers for the spring concert concession and backstage message table April 26, 2020.
  • Fundraising suggestions are welcome: Fan shirts, valentine messages, and suckers were suggested and will be considered.

Meetings will be the second Thursday ever each month at 7pm in the chorus room


“PR Emeritus” note: Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of the CVCPSA chorus boosters a little extra time! A special thank you to Mrs. Kipp whose work with our children has always been beyond excellent. CV MS/HS chorus students and adult boosters are a very special group. All my best wishes to all of you – Ronda

Graduation 2019

Hi all,

I wanted to give you specific information regarding the upcoming rehearsal and ceremony on June 5th for graduation.
First of all, I gave incorrect information regarding your ability to stay for the graduation program.  You need a ticket to enter the stadium.  Sorry!
During the afternoon I need the students to report to the football field at 5 pm, ready to practice with the sound engineer.
After we are done they will go to the chorus room and have pizza and dress for the program.  Dress is black dress pants and socks, shoes and a pressed white dress shirt.  For ladies they should wear their best while following school dress code.  Shoes need to not be spikes s they cut the field.  Covered shoulder and reasonable length for dresses.
We will report to the field at 6:50.  The program usually takes and hour and 45 minutes to two hours.  Students stay for the entire program, as we sing the Alma Mater at the end.  I will encourage the students to be picked up at the football field.
Please note that I will keep the students’ cell phones until the end of the ceremony.  At that time they will get them and be able to take pictures.  So, they will not need to return to the chorus room.
Have a great summer!
Mrs. Kipp

Congratulations to the Class of 2019

From CV Chorus Parent Studen Association

(chorus boosters)



Important CVCPA Meeting tonight 7:30 at Bridgeville Panera / graduation anouncement

Thursday evening is an important meeting for CVCPA!  Meet and greet at Panera’s on Route 50 at 7:30!  We’ll discuss activities for next year and discuss ways that parents can help.  You make the difference!
Moving on to graduation!

The students are singing at graduation on June 5th.  Performance dress for men is black dress pants, white dress shirt and black dress shoes and socks.  Women should wear dressy clothes with reasonably shoes and follow school rules about shoulder coverage and dress length.
I will meet them on the football field at 5 PM sharp to practice on the field with the company that runs our sound.  When we are finished we’ll go back to the chorus room where I’ll have pizza and water for them.  They’ll have time to change into their formal apparel after we eat.
We go out to the field at 6:45.  The ceremony usually takes a couple of hours.
You are welcome to come to the outdoor graduation program.  It is usually a lovely night to sit outside and observe the festivities.
Lana Kipp

CVCPSA end of year parent’s meeting Thursday May 9 at 7:30 at Panera Bread, Bridgeville

Hi parents of HS Chartiers Valley Chorus students!
Many of you have reached out saying that you’ll be able to help out next year.  Thank you!
Our last meeting this year will be May 9th at Panera’s on Rte 50.  Time will be 7:30 pm.
Please come meet everyone and find out how you can be part of the student’s activities next year!
Lana Kipp

Chorus Banquet April 26: Information Here

The annual Spring Banquet will be April 26, 6 pm to 8:45 pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Fort Couch Road in Bethel park.

Cost is $25 per person. Parents and families are both welcome and encouraged to attend

Student Tickets are covered by 2 hours of Bunny Breakfast work. Student admission for those who did not work at the Bunny Breakfast is also $25.

If you would like to attend please fill out the Banquet form and return it to Mrs. Kipp with payment.

If you need a form:


Our annual dinner dance at the Crowne Plaza hotel is scheduled for April 26th. Social time starts at 6 pm with dinner served at 6:15. The evening concludes at 8:45 pm sharp! Menu is garden salad, chicken fingers, penne pasta marinara, ranchero potatoes, buttered corn, bread and butter, soft drinks and cake.

Cost for the evening is $25 a person. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend! Cost of the evening was subsidized by working 2 hours at the Bunny Breakfast.

_____________________ (student name) plans to attend the chorus dinner dance.

Total number of persons attending________

I worked 2 hours_______


I will pay for my evening $25 x one = _____

My family would like to attend $25 x ____=______ (Checks only – make payable to CVCPA)

TOTAL for student and family is $25.00 per person.


19-20 CVCPA needs you!

Along with 15 seniors graduating this year we have 3 of the 4 officers also leaving the chorus parents group with them!

We need new officers! Please drop Mrs. Kipp an e-mail @ LKipp@cvcpa.org and plan to attend our last meeting of the year on May 9th in the chorus room at 7 pm. Many hands make less work!! We need a breakfast coordinator, a treasurer and a fundraising officer.

Bunny Breakfast and concert rehearsal

Hi CV chorus families!
We had a great turn-out of chorus students and parents for the annual breakfast.  The HS cafeteria was a wonderful venue and the parents and students that decorated it Friday night did a lovely job.
The 25 + students that worked the event will have their banquet on April 26th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (across from S Hills Village) paid for by this event.
Please remember our dress rehearsal on April 8th from 6-8 pm for the Spring chorus and senior recognition concert.  The Concert is April 11th at 7 pm with sign in for students at  6:20.
This has been a great year for CVHS chorus.  Thanks to all of you that helped make our events happen!

Reminder: we have lots of options to help you get information

Our current active facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Chartiers-Valley-Chorus-Parent-Student-Association-1205743056182989/

Please click the link and follow the page!

If you prefer Twitter, we are https://twitter.com/cvchoruspsa (@cvchoruspsa)

Please like us on Twitter OR follow this website by email (white button over there ->)

Psst –> It’s Bunny Breakfast week!