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I’ve been doing my best impersonation of a geek and trying to set up some nice communication tools for the chorus boosters so our students and families can get information in a consistent way year after year, no matter who the PSA officers might be.

You are looking at the big one. Minutes from the monthly CVCPSA meetings and announcements will be posted right here. A link to each post automatically goes out to Twitter (@CVChorusPSA). If you want the website posts to come right to your e-mail, just click the “follow” button over there ——————>

The same basic links and information will also be on Facebook. Like our Page ( to get all the good stuff in your FB feed.

Since some people aren’t into blogs or Social Media, we will still be doing a traditional e-mail list too. We have been trying a few different things for the e-mail list. Earlier today I sent an email to the addresses I have. If you didn’t get that e-mail, check your spam folder and add “” to your contacts list. If you still didn’t get today’s email, send me a note at the yahoo email address and we’ll get you added.

If you got the email, and are no longer part of chorus, just reply with “unsubscribe” and I’ll take you off the list for future mailings.

If you have any booster or fundraising related questons, feedback or suggestions please contact us at

Please note that mailbox isn’t monitored every day, and it is just for boosters stuff. Any questions or concerns about school or class or academics or a particular student, please contact Mrs. Kipp directly (

Thank you!

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