Donut Day!

Friday, October 28 is our first donut day this year and we will be selling donuts the last Friday of each month for the rest of the year. Donuts are $1 each and are available in-school.

Also, chocolate is in and available to purchase for trip fundraising. You purchase a box, half goes into your student account then your cost of the box is recouped through selling the candy. Please see Mrs. Kipp to get your box.

Bonfire 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped with the Bonfire! It was a lot of fun for everyone.
Don’t forget payments are due soon for the April trip. Chocolate should be in very soon, plus we are in the process of organizing hoagie sales and donut days at the school…stay tuned for details!

Absolutely last day to turn in Applelicious orders & payments = Friday (or Bonfire if no rain)

A few quick things:

  1. Applelicious orders with payment are absolutely positively due tomorrow (Friday October 21) please turn them in to Mrs. Kipp
  2. You can also bring orders and payment to the Bonfire…it starts at 6 pm at Scott Park. Don’t forget to get you things-to-bring assignment from Mrs. Kipp
  3. There is no rain-date for the bonfire. The forecast is a little iffy, so be sure to stay tuned here to the website, @cvchoruspsa, and for all the latest announcements

Minutes of CVCPSA October 12, 2016

The CVCPSA met October 12, 2016 at 7 pm in the chorus room of CVHS with 5 adults and 8 students in attendance. The meeting was led by Mrs. Kipp and Mrs. Bohaski.

The following topics were discussed, please scroll down for details

Old/Ongoing events and fundraisers

  • IUP Trip
  • chocolate sales
  • Tshirts from last year.

Upcoming events and fundraisers

  • donut and candy sales
  • online fundraiser / holiday shopping sales
  • wedgies/hoagies
  • Bonfire October 22
  • Holiday performance
  • Williamsburg Trip in April

IUP Trip


The IUP day went very well. Students enjoyed the day and were given the chance to work with other groups, college singers, and work on same-day learning and performance skills.

Chocolate Sales

Another order was submitted to Sarris. They will deliver this order for us. This sale will work the same as before: You purchase the box of chocolates up front for $30. The cost of the box is recouped directly to you through sales and $15 is deposited in the student’s account from the up-front purchase. This is one of our best fundraisers, as the chocolate always sells well. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Kipp.

Last Year Tshirts

There are still T-shirts are available from last year for $10 if anyone wants another or wasn’t able to get one in the spring. Please see Mrs. Kipp to purchase one.

Donut and Candy Sales

Mrs. Bohaski and Mrs. Wieland are contacting suppliers for candy and donut sales at the school tentatively set for the last Friday of each month like last year. It was such a hit last year, the students are very interested in having the donuts back.

Online Fundraiser

We are contacting Pepper Fundraising which is an online fundraising retailer. Brochures will be provided to the students to give friends and family. Supporters order products online. Pepper offers and wide variety of goods (coffee & tea, treats, home goods, magazine subscriptions, etc) Supporters place their order directly on the website, and their items are shipped directly to them from Pepper (no order pickups or drop-offs for us). The company sends the funds generated by sales directly to CVCPSA

Hoagie or Wedgie sales

Volunteers are talking with bakers / pizza makers to get costs and profits for a possible hoagie or wedgie sale to occur at the same time as other fundraisers. If it is popular, then we may have another after the holidays but before the April trip.

Bonfire October 22

The annual bonfire will be October 22 6pm to 9pm at the Locust Pavillion and fire pit at Scott Park. Please sign up to attend with Mrs. Kipp if you haven’t already. Families welcome. Each student attending will be asked to contribute a portion of the food or paper ware. PSA officers will organize games etc. This is a night for the chorus students to spend time together and socialize without the demands of a performance.

Holiday Performance

Middle School Holiday choral performance is December 7. The High School performance is December 15. Holiday performances will be combined with band and held in the cafeteria using risers. Refreshments are being coordinated with band boosters and advisers. Treats for backstage bags for students will be available as in prior years.

April Williamsburg Trip

The down payment for the trip has been made, charter bus reserved, and the itinerary is set. It includes hotel, security guard, park admissions, time at Virginia Beach, and more. Details will be provided as time goes on. The tour company is offering trip insurance for anyone who is interested. Currently 24 students intend to participate. Sign-up time is OPEN and additional students will bring the cost of the trip down for everyone. Cut-off for sign-up will be announced. $125 Trip Payments are due the first Friday of each month.

Click to view/print/download the letter of intent: letterofintent

Click to view/print/download information for trip insurance: tripinsurance

The next CVCPSA meeting will be November 9 at 7 pm in the chorus room.

Appelicious Fundraiser

Hello chorus families!
Our Applelicious fundraiser is ready to go!  Please see the attached [below] information sheet for details.  The brochures and order forms are available in Mrs. Kipp’s classroom starting Monday October 3rd.
Happy Selling!
Laura Bohaski

The CVCPSA is holding a fundraising event selling gourmet apples and pretzels through Applelicious, a local company. The proceeds of funds raised from the sale of the gourmet apples and pretzels will go into each students individual account.

The apples and pretzels will really sell themselves when you see how well they are presented and the taste is equally fabulous!

Included in this sale packet is an order form and a brochure that includes a photograph and description of the items for sale. As you look over the brochure think about those friends, teachers, and family members who are hard to buy for at holiday time. What do you get for that someone when you want to say thanks but don’t know what to give? Maybe you want to attach a gourmet pretzel to a gift for an added “WOW” factor! You may also want to keep a few on hand for unexpected guests or to take as a hostess gift. The possibilities are endless!

As stated under each category on your order forms, each product comes with five different choices: Cashew, Pecan, M&M, Reece’s Pieces or Plain.

  • Each large apple is $12.90 with a profit of $4.00 each
  • Each small apple is $9.90 with a profit of $3.00 each
  • Each pretzel is $3.90 with a profit of $1.00 each

Sale starts now! The order forms are due no later than Wednesday October 19th.  Payment is due when the order form is submitted. Please submit one check payable to CVCPSA and include your child’s full name on the check.

The apples and pretzels will be available for pick up at the Winter Concert just in time for Holiday gift giving. They are made by Applelicious just a day or two before pick up so they are guaranteed to be freshly made for us! The apples will remain fresh for up to 3 weeks stored in the refrigerator and pretzels for 4 weeks at room temperature.

Any questions please feel free to contact us (,