November 2017 Meeting Minutes

The November meeting of CVCPSA was 7 pm on Nov. 9 in room 112

4 adults, Mrs. Kipp, and 5 students in attendance. Thank you to the students for decorating and organizing the backstage treat bags for use at the Dec. 7 holiday performance.

Completed Activities

  • donut sale – sold 15 dozen, proceeds to student accounts

Upcoming Activities

  • Veterans Day performance will be inside, with 3 songs planned
  • Holiday concert will be Dec. 7 at 7pm. Students please report by 6:30 or as announced by Mrs. Kipp in class
  • Letter to local businesses requesting gift baskets and donations for silent auction the night of Holiday Concert is being prepared and distributed. Anyone who would like to donate a gift basket please contact Mrs. Kipp
  • candy, water bottles, and flowers to be purchased for holiday concession and backstage bags. Greetings for backstage bags already printed.
  • Further donut sales under consideration
  • Chocolate sales are ongoing. Half of original chocolate order is still available!
  • Gofundme account is live, and students were given link to share to get donations from friends, family, public.
  • IUP adjudication trip is May 1st. Final cost will be announced, but expected to be about $100 per student. REMEMBER selling five boxes of chocolate will be very close to covering a student’s trip
  • Soundwaves, Bunny Breakfast: details TBA, will be announced
  • December CVCPSA meeting Thursday Dec 14 at 7 pm in the chorus room unless otherwise announced.
  • Please follow our social media or subscribe to this blog for all holiday season updates

CORRECTION! cvcpsa meeting THURSDAY night at 7pm

the meeting will be Thursday November 9 at 7 pm in HS room 112 instead of the (due to opening night of 12 Angry Jurors)

We will still be working on making backstage treat bags.

The Gofundme information is correct however. Please share the link and tell everyone about the gofundme campaign

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CVCPSA Meeting tonight 7 pm in ROOM 112

Due to the start of the fall play, the cvcpsa meeting will be in room 112 of the high school (old middle school)

We will be working on the backstage treat bags for the holiday performance


Don’t forget to keep sharing our gofundme link! We need you to promote the fundraiser if it is going to help us!

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