E-mail Contacts and Meeting Thursday 7pm in the chorus room

The car wash was cancelled this past Saturday due to the rainy weather. We sent the announcement here, on social media, and through a direct  e-mail.

Unfortunately several of the e-mails on the list were incorrect or otherwise undeliverable. If you or anyone you know were expecting direct email, but haven’t received, it there are a couple of things you can do

  1. Subscribe to the website blog with the box in the right hand column of this page –>
  2. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook
  3. Send an email to chartiersvalleychoruspsa@gmail.com and ask to be added to the direct email list

The same basic information goes to all three streams of communication. Direct email is a little less often, and is limited to important announcements about performances, trips or fundraisers. The website blog subscription (over there ->) ALSO comes directly to your email inbox, but has more detail including meeting minutes and other reminders. Social media has a short version of the announcements that link you to the details here on the blog. Something for everyone!

But if you know of anyone who isn’t getting announcements one of these 3 ways, please let them know how to connect with us!

Speaking of reminders: Our Kickoff CVCPSA meeting is Thursday, September 13 at 7pm in Mrs. Kipps High school chorus room. If you are interested in helping with any (or all) of our activities, or just want to stay informed, please attend. All HS/MS chorus students and their helpful adults are welcome!