Meet the CVCPSA

The Chartiers Valley Chorus Parent Student Association is a group of High School chorus students and parents/guardians who volunteer to support chorus activities. The association is lead by Faculty Advisor Lana Kipp. We all are grateful for all many things Mrs. Kipp does for the chorus.

There are many ways to help the chorus, and all volunteers are welcome.

Some Chorus activities include:

  • Annual Bunny Breakfast
  • Performance night concession stand and treat bags for performers
  • Homecoming carnival stand
  • Fall carwash
  • Adjudication Trips
  • Holiday Caroling
  • Nursing Home performances
  • Community / Veterans Day performances.

For 2017-18 Monthly CVCPSA meetings will be on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm in the chorus room at the school (park in front, enter through door 37 or 38 by the auditorium, straight through the double doors, go left around the corner, the chorus room is second on the right hand side of the hall.). If there are any changes to the meeting schedule it will be announced in the blog and on social media.

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