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Minutes March 8, 2017

The March 8 CVCPSA meeting was dedicated to mandatory trip information. Packets were handed out with all forms to be signed, notarized and returned by March 24.

The itinerary is still tentative, and will be provided after it is finalized.

Reminders given for Bunny breakfast, banquet, as outlined in the February minutes.

Spring concert is April 12 with rehearsals the 10th and 11th as previously scheduled.

April/May meetings to be announced please follow us here, Twitter or Facebook for details

Minutes February 15, 2017 meeting

CVCPSA met February 15, 2017 at 7 pm in the chorus room with Mrs. Kipp, 3 Officers, 4 Adults and 6 Students in attendance.


  • Trip Payments were due Feb 5. If you have any questions about your students payment status or have any other questions about trip payments please contact Treasurer Tonia Richards at
  • Penny Wars for yearly T-shirt ended Feb 10. Winning design to be announced.
  • Donut sale 2/24

Current Project: BUNNY BREAKFAST!!

  • Students are asked to please bring a bag of candy to Mrs. Kipps room asap for BB treat bags.
  • Officers and volunteers bring 2 doz hard boiled eggs morning of the breakfast
  • ADULT VOLUNTEERS are needed for the Bunny Breakfast 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Please Contact Laura Bohaski if you can help
  • Student designed flyers will be sent to the primary school
  • Announcements will be placed online and in the Almanac.
  • Setup will be Friday March 31, 2017 6:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Bunny Breakfast is Saturday April 1, 2017 from 9am to noon. Cost is $8 per person.


  • Trip itinerary and form packet will be given out.
  • MANDATORY trip meeting is March 8 at 7pm. We are attempting to have a notary available for trip paperwork.
  • There will be an evening dress rehearsal for spring concert.
  • HS Spring Concert April 12 at 6:30 pm
  • TRIP: April 20-23
  • MS concert May 24
  • HS Banquet May 4 at Crowne Plaza Fort Couch Road $25 per person (unless the student worked at the Bunny Breakfast)

Next Meeting March 8, 2017 at 7 pm in the HS chorus room

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Minutes of January 18, 2017 CVCPSA meeting

The CVCPSA met 01-18-2017 in the HS Chorus room with Mrs. Kipp, all CVCPSA officers, 3 adults and 8 students in attendance.


  • The holiday concert in the cafeteria went very well. Thank you to  the students who performed and and volunteers who helped with concessions and Applelicious deliveries.
  • Adult officers voted on the purchase of redundant group insurance (over and above the individual participants’) Aye – 0 Nay – 4


  • Chocolate is still available for purchase and sale. Students purchase the box of chocolate up front then recoup their investment through selling the individual bars. Please see Mrs. Kipp or Mrs. Bohaski for details.
  • $125 trip payments are due the first Friday of every month. Please make checks payable to CVCPA.


  • Hoagie deliveries will be January 19. Thank you to all the students & volunteers who made hoagie sale and home delivery possible.
  • T-shirt design and penny wars will get a start tomorrow, January 19
  • Donut sales start Friday January 27. Students – watch for details in class.
  • Soundwaves (individual recitals) will be February 8 & 9. Attendance is mandatory both nights. Students, please see Mrs. Kipp if you need a waiver for your non-performance night. All students please bring cookies or another snack food on your non-performance night. Soundwaves will be in the HS cafeteria from 7-9pm. There will be a raiser/stage for performers. Students will sell advanced tickets. All tickets are $2 each. Please send a check made out to CVCPA for advanced ticket sales.
  • Mandatory Trip Meeting for all participating students and their parents/guardians. We are hoping to arrange for a notary to be present to certify all the necessary forms for us. Forms and details to follow. The meeting will be March 8 at the chorus room at 7 pm in conjunction with the regular CVCPSA meeting.
  • Bunny Breakfast setup is 6 pm March 31 at the cafeteria. The breakfast is 9am to noon on April 1. Each chorus student is asked to work for 2 hours during either setup or the breakfast, which in turn pays for their spring banquet ticket.
  • Spring Concert will be April 12 at 7 pm. The auditorium is expected to be ready by then.
  • Spring Banquet will be Thursday May 4th (no school May 5th) at the Crown Plaza on Fort Couch Road from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. The facility has been reserved and deposit made.

The next meeting will be announced.

September 21 Kickoff and Information meeting minutes

This was an informal meeting so no formal minutes were taken. The basic points covered were:

Minutes of 2016 Organizational Meeting

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The CVCPSA met August 31, 2016 at CVHS at 7pm with 24 adults and students in attendance including Mrs. Kipp.

The following parents agreed to act as officers and organizers:

Laura Bohaski – president

Patty Weiland – treasurer and candy sales (not in attendance, agreement sent via Mrs. Kipp)

Ronda Snow – Secretary and Social Media

Sally Weiland: Fundraising coordinator

Wendy Czap – carwash

We are still recruiting parent volunteers for :

  • Concert Concessions / Backstage Treat Bags
  • Bunny Breakfast Coordinator (organize volunteers, coordinate with cafeteria, lead set-up, assign tasks to volunteers including supplies, activities, food preparation etc.)

Old / Completed Activites: none

Current & Ongoing Fundraisers:

  • Candy Sales – boxes of candy are available to purchase. Boxes cost $30 up front, $15 goes to student account. Parents then recoup the $30 investment directly as the candy is sold.
  • Colt license plate sales: Cost $4, $3 goes to student account. (see photo below)

Upcoming Events:

  • September 8: Chorus performs at High School open house. Mandatory for students
  • September 10 Car Wash: Thanks to parent volunteers Wendy Czap, Michelle Karns. Other parent volunteers are needed to have 1-2 adults present for entire time of the event. Car wash will be at Olivarios lot (next to Duckies) on Greentree road. 9 am – 2pm.
  • September 21 at 7pm: Chorus kick-off meeting. Mrs. Kipp is bringing punch. Each family is asked to bring a snack to share. Boxes of candy for fundraising sale will be available for purchase.
  • September 28: Homecoming Carnival Booth after school. Students see Mrs. Kipp for volunteer times.
  • October 22: Halloween Bonfire at Scott Park. Parents welcome. Family-friendly activities
  • November 11: IUP trip. $25 plus bus and cash for meals will be needed for each participating student. Includes event, T-shirt, campus tour and opportunity to work with professors and other chorus groups.
  • Holiday singing downtown & nursing home – details to follow
  • New fundraisers being investigated or developed: donut sales in school, lollipops, t-shirts, barns and noble day, quiznos day. Any fundraiser suggestions are welcome. Please contact Mrs. Kipp or the CVCPSA




April Meeting

The CVCPSA met April 13, 2016 in Mrs. Kipp’s room at the high school.

Completed Projects:

  • Bunny Breakfast was successful with high attendance numbers. All startup costs were recouped with additional money earned
  • Thank you sent to cafeteria employee Louanne Keifner for her help with the Bunny Breakfast

Ongoing projects:

  • preparations for senior recognition continue
  • day trip still being planned
  • chocolate sales continue
  • T-shirts are in: HS shirts are blue and gray baseball style with small chorus name on front and senior names on the back. 8th grade shirts are the same with a plain back

Upcoming projects:

  • April 21 spring concert begins at 6:30
  • Concessions at the concert: Volunteers please arrive by 5:30. Gift bags for performers were prepared. Flowers & are/will be purchased. Flowers to stay with buyer and not go in treat bags this time since they don’t fit and cause spills. Tables requisitioned. Raffle gift Baskets in progress, tickets to be sold at concession tables.
  • Donut sale April 29
  • Banquet room reserved at the Crowne Plaza for April 29 7 – 9 pm, volunteers please arrive by 6:30 to help with set up

Please follow the website (see box to the right of this page) or follow us on facebook, twitter for next meeting time etc.

Meeting & March Minutes

The March Meeting of the CVCPSA was held March 8 at 7pm in Mrs. Kipp’s room with officers, adults and 6 students in attendence.

Old and ongoing activities were briefly reviewed:

  • 8th grade recital We,. March 16
  • CVCSPA promotional talk
  • 8th grade students will help set up Bunny Breakfast in place of students involved with math event that same Saturday
  • Senior day trip
  • Ideas for senior recognition
  • Senior auditions in class March 30th & 31st
  • High School concert is April 21st
  • Tshirt designs in

The remainder of the meeting time was spent preparing treat bags and other details for the Bunny Breakfast.

The next CVCPSA meeting is Wednesday,  April 13, 2016 at 7 pm in Mrs. Kipps room at the High School

CVCPSA Meeting Minutes: Feb. 2016

The CVCPSA met February 17 at 7pm at the high school

A number of adults and students were in attendance despite inclement weather – Thank you!

The Secretary could not attend, so many thanks to Deanna Barton for forwarding the information for this month’s minutes.

The main topic is the Bunny Breakfast coming up on Saturday, March 12 starting at 9am in the HS/MS cafeteria

  • Set up is Friday March 11 6-8pm but may take less than those 2 hours
  • A list of supplies was made, Lisa and DeAnna volunteered to pick them up closer to breakfast day (Thank you both!)
  • Milk, juice, butter and sausage will be ordered through the school cafeteria (thank you Louanne Keifner)
  • Thank you to Laura Bohaski for volunteering to cook the pancakes
  • We need 2 parents for check in and additional parents to be food runners and assist the students with serving
  • Students will be serving and running activity stations
  • Thank you to Theresa for making the flyer and distributing it by e-mail
  • Kelli Finnerty will help distribute the information to day care centers and newspapers. Mrs. Kipp will get the information to the Primary and Intermediate schools. Thanks to you both too!
  • Arrive Breakfast day at 8:30 am for doors to open at 9 am

Students please bring a bag of candy to Mrs. Kipp’s room by March 8 for Bunny Breakfast treat bags

The next CVCSPA meeting is  March 8th (7 pm Mrs. Kipp’s room). We’ll be making up the treat bags that evening.

CVCPSA Meeting Minutes: January 13, 2016

The CVCPSA met 1-13-2016. Mrs Kipp, 5 students and 5 adults including the vice-president, treasurer and secretary were in attendance.

Completed Projects and Events:

  • Holiday Performance concession stand funraiser

Ongoing Projects:

  • Chocolate sales continue

Upcoming projects and events:

  • Another donut sale is being organized for late February, depending on the donut supplier’s availability.
  • Soundwaves recital will be in the Digital Media Center. Dates are tentatively set for February 10th & 11th, but are subject to change depending on teacher availability. Students will be assigned to their performance night. They are expected to attend their non-performance night and bring a snack. Plates, ice & punch are needed for the snack table. Students are making signage & will contact CVTV to announce the event. Students are developing designs for possible advanced tickets. Cardstock tickest can be made at the school. Soundwaves will be at 7 pm, date TBA.
  • There will be an 8th grade recital, details to be announced
  • Mrs. Kipp is updating the student roster
  • Student money accounts are updated except for a small portion of candy sales.
  • Request made to the administration and approved for financial assistance with sound for the spring performance.
  • Planning for senior evening continues
  • The Bunny Breakfast will be March 12 with set-up the evening of March 11. All students are asked to work a 2 hour shift, which will pay for their ticket to the Spring Banquet.
  • Shirt designs are underway and will be decided by penny wars. Price and ordering to be announced.
  • Banquet planning underway. Details to follow.

The next CVCPSA meeting will be rescheduled so it won’t conflict with recital. Date to be announced.

Minutes of October PSA Meeting

October 2015 CVCSPA meeting


The meeting began October 14 at 7 pm at CVHS with Ms. Kipp, 4 parents and 2 students in attendance.


Completed Activities


  • Car wash on September 19 was successful. (exact amount earned pending)
  • Picnic on September 19 at Scott Park was successful despite the rainy weather.
  • Homecoming Carnival also went well with the following income and expenses:

Income: $355

Expenses: $165

Net from booth: $189.50

10% to Student Council $18.90

$4 cash sent to Patty W.

Will recieve $336.05 for student accounts

  • Donuts were sold for $1 each (total amount pending) Repeat sale being considered for January.


Upcoming Fundraising


  • Chocolate bars are purchased and available for resale with 50% profit per bar. Sales have been slow so far, but we are hopeful for increased sales over the next couple of months
  • Letter requesting admin. payment for professional sound at winter performance has been submitted, answer pending. Estimated cost is $1300


Upcoming and Ongoing Activities


  • Website/Blog, Facebook page and Twitter account for the CVCSPA are under development and expected to be ready by November
  • October 24: Bonfire at Scott Park 6 to 8 pm. Food and drink will be provided. Student cost $3, with payment due to Ms. Kipp by October 21. Prizes for costumes.
  • November 1: Select Chorus will be performing at Carnegie Hall, in Oakland along with West Penn HS and Pittsburgh Chorale. Students are to arrive at CVHS at 11 am, bus leaves at 12 noon for a 1:15 sound check in Oakland. Students will need a ride home, bus will drop off only
  • December 13 & 14: mandatory after school rehearsals at CVHS 6 to 8:15 pm
  • December 17: Winter Concert. Student participation is mandatory, arrive at 6pm
  • December 22: Caroling at the courthouse and nursing home with lunch (probably Hard Rock Cafe)
  • TBA: T-shirt and sweats sale
  • TBA: senior evening downtown (in May)


Next meeting November 11 at 7 pm