Bunny Breakfast Leader

Our fearless Bunny Breakfast Leader:

  • attends monthly cvcpsa meetings
  • works with the faculty chorus director to coordinate students and volunteers to
    • bring in candy and make treat bags
    • bring in boiled eggs the day of the breakfast for egg decorating
    • printer in working order for photos with bunny
    • get adult volunteers for the hours of the breakfast
    • arrange for cafeteria staff to make pancakes or supervise as needed according to school and district rules
  • Sample list of non-food supplies to be at the event (in storage or purchased/provided by cafeteria. Some my be need to be provided by students/volunteer donations)
    • printer
    • printer paper
    • bunny costume
    • camera
    • cold and hot cups
    • plates
    • plasticware
    • napkins
    • egg decorating supplies
    • henna for hand painting
  • Sample list of food supplies needed
    • pancake mix OR frozen pancakes … amount decided year by year
    • Decaf coffee … 100 cups size can
    • Regular Coffee….100 cups size can
    • sausage 4 cafeteria cases
    • syrup 64 oz bottles x 6 (or as needed…none additional needed for 2018)
    • 75 chocolate milk (8oz half pint cafeteria)
    • 25 skim ….1%….milk
    • 50 orange juices (single serve)
    • 50 apple juices (single serve)
    • 1 case water bottles
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